There is a lot going on in Basingstoke which will, or may  perhaps, affect Kempshott Residents and  it is not easy to keep tract of these when  sudden  announcements and media attention is followed  by long periods of  silence…( silence does not mean nothing is happening, it’s just  not in the public arena).

The following  highlights all lead to the relevant websites where the latest information is available

1. Electoral district boundary revisions  and  Kempshott     Local authority ward boundaries which affect  borough councillor elections were  reviewed in 2018 and the changes agreed will affect us in May 2020. The plan is to merge wards to reduce the number of current councillors. Kempshott is to be merged with Buckskin and some areas added or subtracted from these two existing wards. All wards will hold elections for 3 councillors in 2020 and thereafter 1/3 of councillors will be up for election in each of the following years – which will eventually reinstate the 3 years cycle of local ellections. All details on Borough website: here

2. Manydown North – latest news and how it affects Kempshott here

However, the latest planning issues directly affect Kempshott – the  traffic management proposals will impact all of west Basingstoke. See the damning report on these from HCC Highways Planning Dept here.

3. Manydown South –   the Oakley/Kempshott green belt

Currently not a lot to report. Development of the field south of the railway line on Pack Lane, although  listed in the 2016 -2029 plan timetable, looks unlikely to affect Kempshott until the last few years of this planning cycle – but we could be wrong…

Protection of our valuable green spaces on South Manydown in a sensible joined-up green network, and the road access planning for  South West Basingstoke ( the western bypass and access for future developements, to you and me) are ongoing concerns which will need attention before the next planning cycle starts in 2025.

We support  SWAG as our representatives in this arena – their website with updates is here.

4. South West developments –  Longacre,  Beggarwood, the Island site, Hounsome Field &  the Golf Course    

Longacre is approaching completion as is the Beggarwood extension, The Island Site planning proposals have been agreed although  a breaking-ground date is not yet know, Hounsome Field is currently in the detailed planning phase and the Golf Course developers have announced their intention to proceed as quickly as possible – if this happens the 2 developments either side of the A30 will be constructed in parallel – without an overall coordinating plan!

Latest updates and summary  notes on the impact of these developments on local services etc. can be found on SWAG’s website  here.

5. Other – Cycle strategy,  south western  link road, M3 Medical Centre.

Updates when available.